In-Home Care Will Change Your Loved One's Life

We provide Flexible Scheduling Options to meet your needs

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Hourly Care - Your Most Flexible option

Care managers help clients choose the time of day, frequency and duration of each in-home care visit to maximize the benefit to your loved one.

Some clients start out with care a few times per week and increase based upon their needs. Others require more care hours starting out and reduce as they continue to get better.

Regardless of your needs, we have solutions to meet your specific requirements.  

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Overnight Care - Relief When You Need it Most

Are you providing full-time care for a loved one and need a break?  

Assisting them throughout the day and night?

Overnight care allows family members to get good night’s sleep while your loved one needs still being meet.   Our caregivers can assist with bedtime preparation, stay overnight as needed, and assist with their morning routine for starting a fresh day.

Remember, we are to help wherever there is a need!

Live-In & Daily Care

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The majority of seniors prefer to age gracefully in the comfort of their own home. Daily and live-in care at Happy Home Care allows the fulfillment of that desire!

This option allows your loved one to receive the complete benefits of our in-home care services.  Our caregivers will assist your loved one during the most important times of morning, day, and night. Caregivers are there 24/7 for the care and safety of your loved one.  Caregivers’ assist with grocery shopping, meal preparation, assist with household chores, offer companionship, and other activities as needed.